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The rainbow hair color trend has been going strong for years, leaving everyone mesmerized by variations such as mermaid hair, opal hair and oil slick hair—all Instagram-gold trends and all gorgeous. Now, there’s another take on it to put on your radar and, as with every rainbow hair color trend, it’s also super-pretty: geode hair color.


This variation on rainbow hair color takes its inspiration from rocks that look ordinary on the outside but look absolutely magical on the inside. That’s because geodes have hollow cavities lined with layers of colorful, crystallized minerals, which you can see for yourself if you crack a geode open. These minerals include quartz, calcite and amethyst, a purple variety of quartz.


So how exactly does a cool rock translate to a hair trend, you ask? According to Refinery 29, colorists have been channeling the colorful layers of geodes into a dreamy, iridescent, amethyst sombre (or subtle ombre) for their clients—giving them hair color that reflects one or two jewel tones when it hits the light. Amethyst fades into lavender, bright blue, aqua—you get the picture. The results are subtle yet breathtaking.



Geode hair color

Photo Credit: Laura Carmichael, Redken Artisit


Colorist are taking the geode hair color trend and putting their own spin on it, producing sombres that aren’t just purple but blue or pink. For a dramatic take on the geode hair color trend, some colorists are enlisting the help of underlights—a.k.a. peekaboo hair color in the lower layers of hair—to give hair a more obvious resemblance to the cool rock.


The geode hair color, in the image above, does just that. Redken Artist, Laura Carmichael, combined purples, blues, pinks and reds found in rocks. When asked about the geode trend and why she loves to try it on colors, Laura commented, “We have been living in the moment of unicorn hair! This look is taking fairy tale inspire hair to colors that are naturally found in gem stones. It’s modern and edgy!”



Loving this vivid hair color trend so much you want to make your own hair sparkle like a beautiful amethyst crystal? Beehive Hair Studio can help you get the look!

Beehive Hair Studio is a Redken partner and uses Redken hair products. City Beats, by Redken, is a line of semi-permanent acidic conditioning color creams that’s easy to apply, provides lasting, vibrant color and includes some gorgeous purple and blue options—Indigo Skyline, East Village Violet, Times Square Teal and Broadway Blue are just some of our favorites. These are perfect shades to experiment with when getting geode hair color for the first time.

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