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Phone: 830-428-0495
Address: 136 Old San Antonio Road #101, Boerne
Brief info

Hello, there! My name is Birdy. I grew up in a small, central Texas town. I moved to College station shortly after and earned my cosmetology license in 2012. I continued my career and education, finding myself in a few other Texas towns, before settling down in Boerne in 2019!

Some of the services I enjoy performing the most include different braiding techniques and formal styles for a variety of special occasions, anywhere from holiday parties to wedding receptions. I also enjoy working with curly, wavy hair textures and experimenting with new color techniques on all hair types! By far, though, my favorite thing to do is to teach each of my guests to style and achieve their desired look at home within their own ability and means. My goal is to have every guest feel as confident at home as they do when they leave my chair!

A few things in my personal life that bring me joy are my garden that I hope to continue growing and advancing, along with cooking especially when it contains some of the lovely herbs and such, I gather from it! I also have two pets, Ginger (long hair Calico cat) and Finnegan (small terrier mix) that I love dearly! In my free time, I also enjoy arts and crafts and playing video games. I would consider myself an introverted extrovert. I enjoy a good, stimulating conversation, but also some nice quiet time to myself to reflect, and unwind. I appreciate you taking some time to get to know me a bit, and I hope to see you in my chair soon!