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The year 2016 has already come and gone. That means it’s time to say “goodbye” to your 2016 hair and “hello” to 2017 hair. This year, you can resolve to not only better your life, but better your hair as well. Whether it’s adding a few layers or doing a full hair180, here are six tips for updating your 2016 hair to meet the latest trends for 2017.

image of lady with bangs

Photo Credit: Brayden Pelletier, Redken Artist


Start 2017 off with a bang by finally getting the fringe of your dreams. Whether they are strong, soft, side swept or shaggy, bangs are sure to be all the rage for 2017. As Redken Education Artist Director and hairstyling master, Sam Villa puts it, “Fringe is one of the best ways to awaken your hair shape” and we couldn’t agree more. With a few easy snips, you can completely transform your personal style. However, be sure to ask your stylist for easy ways to style your new bangs as this cool new accessory is always in need of a little styling maintenance. As any stylist will tell you, the type of bang hairstyle you should get really depends on you and your everyday routine. From how much you exercise to how long you plan to style your new ‘do all factors into the type of bang hairstyle that is best for you.

Ombre hairstyle

Photo Credit: Chase Longo, Redken Artist


2016 was all about the sombres and ombres. Redken Artist, Celene Dupuis, suggests refreshing this sexy hair look by moving up your haircolor. Wondering what this means? Well, as Dupuis puts it “By moving up your ombre and balayage, you can keep things looking softer. Your stylist will keep the rooting on the scalp and use a hair gloss like Shades EQ for added dimension.” Dimension and glossy hair? Sign us up! This trend is great for those who already love their color, but are looking for something a little extra.

Lady with warm blonde hair color

Photo Credit: Jessica Walker, Redken Artist


Forget bronzer! Haircolor is a great way to add warmth to your complexion without piling on any makeup. Dupuis suggests ditching icy hues in the new year in favor of warmer tones. “Try warmer pastels such as peach, rose gold or pastel yellow for rich warm blonde” or opt for a warm rose gold or pumpkin spice haircolor. With even a simple hair gloss treatment, you can add rich tones to your hair that immediately brighten the look of your skin. Basically, haircolor is the new makeup!

Makeup and hair care products

Photo Credit: Redken Official


Need a new hairstyle fast? Redken Artist Brian Washburn suggests experimenting with new products. “In 2017, I recommend experimenting with new products to totally transform the texture and finish of your current style. It’s a great way to have a ‘new’ look several times a week/month without having to cut your hair constantly!” So, head over to Beehive Hair Studio in Boerne, TX. We have dozens of easy-to-use and unique styling Redken products that can help you to create your best look yet.

Lady with beachy hair texture

Photo Credit: Cody Moorefield, Redken Artist


Bold, beachy hair texture was everywhere in 2016 and this trend’s momentum isn’t slowing down in the new year, according to a few of Redken’s top hairstylists. Any hairstyle or color that enhances movement is the perfect way to elevate your style. To embrace your own natural texture, reach for hair-care and styling products that help to enhance body and movement. For beachy texture, turn to Redken’s Beach Envy ine for imperfect volume and dimension. If you’re looking to bring out the best in your curls, the Curvaceous line is perfect for you no matter what your curl type is.


Lady with long hair

Photo Credit: Richard Kavanagh, Redken Artist


For those with flat, limp looking locks, 2017 is the year to pump up your volume. According to Redken Artist, Marco Arena, 2017 is all about volume and big textured hair. To get quick and easy volume all throughout your hair, start by gently backcombing your roots and setting your tease with Quick Tease 15 hairspray. From there, add texture to your ends with a few sprays of Windblown texturizing spray. It’s guaranteed to give you sexy, windblown hair that lasts all day long. IF YOU WANT EVERYONE TO DO A TRIPLE TAKE…One of the biggest trends that our artists can’t stop raving about for 2017 is the pastel haircolor trend. Whether you want a dusty mauve shade or a gorgeous rose gold haircolor, pastels are an exciting way to be bold and edgy, while still looking soft and glamorous. What more could you ask for in 2017?

It’s time to let your hair make a statement. Whether you decide to gloss it up or go bold with a vivid haircolor, let your hair be your best accessory in 2017.

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