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Whether they’re on the cover of a magazine or walking the red carpet, there is one accessory that celebrities can’t seem to live without– shiny hair that leaves us asking- “How do I get shiny hair, too?” Thanks to the #1 celebrity hair stylist tip on how to get shiny hair, you no longer have to be on the A-list to get these jaw-dropping strands. In fact, the secret weapon of celebrity hair stylists is available at Beehive Hair Studio!

The secret? Shades EQ Hair Gloss, of course! This 20-minute service is exactly what you need to get attention-grabbing, celebrity-inspired shiny hair. Shades EQ works to give your hair a glossy sheen that leaves your strands looking radiant, refreshed, and toned. Think of it as the ultimate hair pick-me-up.

This quick and easy color service is a staple in many hair stylists’ hair coloring routines. Take celebrity colorist, Tracey Cunningham, for example. Her clients range from reality show superstars to A-list actresses, and each of these powerhouse clients turn to Cunningham for the latest and greatest in hair color. In fact, Shades EQ glosses are her go-to during coloring appointments. “Every single one of my clients uses Shades EQ. I do not allow a client to leave without that beautiful shine.”

Wavy, shiny hair

Another huge perk of a hair gloss treatment? No damage. Shades EQ will never damage your hair. It will only make your hair feel fuller and more conditioned. It will also bring life and vibrancy back into faded hair color.

Shades EQ is the perfect way to flirt with color if you’re just taking a few baby steps. It can also be used to tone blonde hair and ensure that blonde hair stays shiny and glossy rather than fried and brassy. The gloss adds dimension to the hair and helps it look and feel healthy.

Shades EQ is the color that thinks it’s a conditioner. So it’s really not going to change your hair, it’s not going to lift your hair, it’s just going to gloss over your hair and give it a hint of color with no commitment. There is no one who couldn’t use a little Shades EQ. The best thing is that it’s commitment-free color. You’re just flirting with it.

There you have it. The secret to glossy, red carpet strands is out and you don’t even need VIP access to book an appointment. Want to try out a Shades EQ Gloss service for yourself? Call Beehive Hair Studio to schedule and appointment.



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