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Is your hair ready for a summer blonde but you want something different than classic, traditional blonde hair color? Redken challenged three Redken Artists to redefine the term “blonde bombshell” and the results did not disappoint. These artists gave us their own spin on a classic blonde look and even showed how to pair their hair color creation with their favorite hairstyles. These blonde hair color ideas designed by Kris Sorbie, George Garcia and Sean Godard are the perfect images to bring as inspiration to your Beehive stylist during your next hair color appointment. Find the blonde shade that is right for you!



Golden blonde hair color


This gorgeous blonde hair color was dubbed “The Jet Setter” by Kris Sorbie, Redken Global Artistic Director.


One of the best ways to show off your sunny new blonde hair color is by styling it into a sleek, triple twisted ponytail. The twists and turns of this hairstyle put a spotlight on your hair color’s dimension.


Triple twisted ponytail




Cool blonde balayage


It’s no wonder that Redken Artist George Garcia named this hair color “The So Chill.” Just check out those icy blonde tones! Inspired by the Pacific Ocean, Garcia married a mix of ashy highlights with a silver balayage to create this beautiful blonde-inspired color. It’s a must for anyone who loves cool blonde hair.


When it comes to styling your new frosty hair color, Garcia recommends wearing a low, messy half bun with a long ponytail. This elegant style instantly upgrades any outfit without being too overwhelming.


low, messy half bun




Rose gold hair color


Ready to see the world through rose-colored glasses? Rose gold hair is a great place to start. This gorgeous shade created by Redken Artist, Sean Godard is the perfect mix of pastels and warm blonde hair colors.


Looking for a fun hairstyle to show off your new pastel hair color? Godard suggests a messy ponytail with a side French braid.


Messy ponytail with side French braid


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